5 Advantages of Mobility for Labor Productivity

5 Vantagens da Mobilidade para a produtividade laboral

See how mobility helps increase productivity

Business mobility is still viewed suspiciously by top managers. However, in recent years we have witnessed a change in the labor paradigm. The use of mobile devices in the professional world is changing the way how people and companies act. In this article we present 5 advantages of mobility for the labor productivity and we intend to demystify preconceived ideas about this issue.

Cost Reduction

Studies conducted by Gartner and supported by Microsoft found that, thanks to mobility, employees save about 25% of their time on the move to the workplace. In addition, having mobility means a significant reduction in the sales cycle for the commercial area, as it is possible to collect data immediately and avoid delays in signing contracts and protocols (due to the use of a digital signature). The savings can be even greater if the company opts for smaller facilities, because as employees are not always in the company space, there is no need for high areas.

Improvement of safety standards

Companies are often afraid that mobility will be synonymous with a greater likelihood of loss of network access credentials, which in most cases results in information leaks. Fortunately, technology is moving towards making systems and networks more secure and practically inviolable. Nowadays, it’s possible to control the access of those who are connected to the network, to define restrictions, among other things that contribute to the access to the company network by other devices is not seen as a problem. Knowing that employees are going to connect to the network from anywhere in the world means that companies will increase security rules, which translates into a huge advantage for the whole business.

Cloud Storage

Thanks to the widespread use of Cloud, any employee of a company can now access files and documents anywhere in the world. Mobility is made easier and more efficient thanks to this reality. The Cloud allows a collaborative work among all, without having to access to Intranets or methods that would make it difficult for employees to travel.

Communication improvement

Connecting devices to the enterprise database enables employees to access the information they need from anywhere and anytime. This makes communication more effective and optimizes the relationship with stakeholders. The response time will be shortened which is extremely positive.

Everything happens in real time

With access to company information from anywhere in the world, employees can give an instant response to their interlocutor, passing an image of professionalism and excellence. Products such as Multipeers allow the collaborator to know the status of the business at any moment through a smartphone or a tablet. Mobility requires the adoption of solutions like this, which bring innumerable advantages to organizations, and businesses enter in a spiral of positive events that will translate into an increase in profit.

The present is mobile and it’s expectable that companies will face challenges in this area in the future. Technology has evolved to eliminate or at least minimize the most damaging effects that mobility could have.

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