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7 Tips to Increase Your Productivity

7 dicas para aumentar a sua produtividade

The Best Tips to Increase Your Productivity

One of the most important goals of all managers is to be more productive. However, in the frenetic day-to-day business, it is not always easy to end the day with the full sense of accomplishment. The tasks are multiplying every day and time is not extending, so it is imperative to adopt the best strategies to increase productivity. In this article, we present you 7 infallible tips to boost your daily productivity!

Set a time to check email

Having notifications to be warned whenever you receive an email is one of the main mistakes we all make. Constantly looking at the email box steals from us a lot of time, takes away our concentration and doesn’t allow us to focus on what really matters. You should set a time, twice a day, to check your email. This will keep you focused on reading your new messages and keep your focus on the work day.

Set priorities

It is true that every day you have many things to do, but you should be realistic: you are not a machine. So set a priority list for your day and start with the most urgent tasks. You should do visas throughout the day to feel you are fulfilling your goals. This will make it easier to prioritize your tasks and keep them on schedule.

Don’t leave for tomorrow what can be done today

Although there is always much to do, there are those days when we prefer to leave for tomorrow some tasks that could be done today. This is a very common mistake and should be avoided as much as we never know the urgent tasks that can arise the next day. Don’t procrastinate and if you have extra time at the end of the day go ahead with the next day’s tasks.

Keep your workspace organized

Being surrounded by confusion will influence the way you view work and the way you work. Keep your desk clean and the drawers tidy and you’ll realize that you can manage your time and functions better.

Say “no” to multitasking

The most productive people know that doing multiple things at the same time decreases effectiveness when it comes to performing each task. To be more productive you must keep your focus and concentration on one task at a time.

Take breaks

Even if you have lots of things to do, you should not spend all day in front of the computer. This will make you tired and will eventually become deconcentrated. The breaks during the day are very beneficial because you rest your head for a few minutes and speak with your colleagues.

Don’t be too perfectionist

The human being believes that he can always do more and better and if he applies this in his day to day life he will realize that he will not be able to give any complete task. You should do your best in all your tasks, but you must be aware that perfection is hard to reach so you should not spend too much time on the same task because you have deadlines to meet!

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