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Get to know the importance of internal communication for meeting the objectives

Conheça a importância da comunicação interna para o cumprimento dos objetivos

Internal communication is made up of interactions, information exchanges and relationships within a company. Internal communication is often undervalued because managers are not always aware that the employees of a company are the first public of an organization and that they must be informed about the current state of business so that they can act in order to fulfill the objectives required. In today’s article we are going to talk about the importance of internal communication for accomplishing the goals!

Eliminating the semantic barriers

In a company we all speak the same language, but we don’t always understand the linguistic used. An organization is made up of people of different backgrounds and if we use a very technical language we run the risk of not getting the message we want to pass. Internal communication helps to ensure that this awareness exists and that messages are always passed in simple, objective language. This is the only way that employees will understand the state in which the company is and what they will have to do to help them achieve their goals.

Increasing competitiveness of teams

Competitiveness in the right dose is very positive in order to increase the delivery of employees in the performance of their duties. Knowing the goals of everyone and of the company in a global way allows employees to be stimulated to achieve their goals.

Better working environment

Internal communication transforms the organizational climate, improving interpersonal relationships and impacting very positively on the company’s productivity, making the whole business more profitable. When there is good communication, people communicate more easily with each other, exchanging ideas and finding solutions more quickly.

More knowledge

When there is an effective internal communication policy, it is easier to form collaborators because they exchange information between them and share knowledge. In a company that encourages good communication, employees will not be afraid to say “I don’t know” and will be able to learn from more experienced professionals.

Better financial results

In addition to all the advantages that effective internal communication brings to the company, the financial results of the organization also undergo very positive changes. A study carried out by Tower Watson revealed that companies that have effective communication had a 47% appreciation in the stock exchange over a period of 5 years, and this result is much more positive than in companies that don’t invest in internal communication.

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