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The main advantages of document management for companies

As principais vantagens da gestão documental para as empresas

Document management: find the main advantages for companies

Document management is essential for the correct functioning of a company. Nowadays, there is more and more data in companies, which delays quick access to information, leads to loss of documents and complicates decision making. The implementation of a document management system allows companies to manage their unstructured information. In this article we will talk about the key advantages of document management for companies!


A document management system allows paper documents to be scanned, giving rise to electronic documents that are classified and available according to certain criteria. In this way, it will be much easier to consult invoices and contracts, for example.

Control of information flows

With a document management system it is easier to guarantee information security because there is knowledge about where it is. With these systems, it is also possible to define processes and ensure that they are fulfilled from the moment a new document arrives at the organization until its treatment and cataloging.

Reducing costs and increasing productivity

This is the advantage that most pleases the managers. As there is greater speed in the availability, access and treatment of documents, employees are free to perform other tasks that bring productivity to the company. The reduction of costs is a consequence of this increase of productivity. Another factor contributing to savings is the reduced need for storage space, which is a heavy expense in most businesses.

Facilitated search

Document management systems provide a search engine capable of performing document searches for its content or features, instantly locating it, anytime, anywhere. Documents can also be connected to business monitoring systems such as Multipeers, making them important data sources for decision making.

Reduction of number of documents

The use of specialized software in process automation is essential for organizations and allows to reduce the number of documents. The advantages are immense, starting with the ease in finding the information until the decrease (or even elimination) of the use of paper in the companies.

Lower risk of information loss

Paper documents are harder to catalog and more likely to get lost. With the great volume of information that comes to companies on a daily basis, it becomes humanly impossible to manage all the available data. With the use of a document management system it is easier to save the information and ensure that no important data is lost.

The current economic situation means that companies have as their main objectives to increase productivity and reduce costs. The technology, when well used, is an important ally of business management and contributes on a large scale to better levels of income.

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