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Google Trends and real-time information

Google Trends e informação em tempo real

Google Trends is a free platform that shows us the evolution of a given search over time. When searching for a word, the tool shows you a chart that lists the number of searches over time. This search can be filtered by category, location, and specific time period. In today’s article, we’ll cover the relationship between Google Trends, real-time information and benefits of using this tool for your business!

Real-time information

Increasingly, people are looking for up-to-the-minute information and are no longer content to read the news of yesterday in this morning: they seek to know, at every moment, what is happening in the World. Due to this greater requirement of users, Google Trends has expanded its search and provides a filter in real time. Google collects data from numerous sources, including searches on YouTube and Google News. You can follow the search for a particular keyword in real time and by geography, which gives us a lot of information about the interest of each country in a given topic.

How does Google Trends help my business?

Nowadays, all businesses need to have a strong online presence to win and it is essential that you know how to optimize your website and social media for search engines, otherwise it will not be found by your target audience. Google Trends gives us insight into what people are looking for right now. If your website has a blog where you create content about your area of ​​expertise, using Google Trends is almost mandatory. This tool will help you realize which of the most popular themes of the moment and then just find a way to relate it to your business to create relevant content at that time.

Google Trends lets you compare terms. If you have a sports clothing store, for example, you can compare different terms to find out what you should bet on in your digital marketing strategy. The tool will help you see if people in your country are looking for more about “Nike sportswear,” “Adidas sportswear,” or “New Balance sportswear.” This will allow you to use the most searched term and this will be reflected in the visits to your website.

The fact that you can search by region is also very important, as it allows you to target your target audience wisely. If you know that in the North of your country people are mostly searching for “Nike sportswear,” you’ll be able to create a more focused and better-performing campaign.


It is increasingly important to keep pace with the changing needs of consumers and their interests, since only in this way you will be able to produce quality and relevant content. The information generated by the minute on the web is practically immeasurable, so it is necessary to be attentive to everything to respond as quickly as possible to the desires of your target audience and thus stand out from the competition.

Real-time information is part of the business. Download our Business Activity Monitoring e-book and find how real-time management will help you achieve your goals!

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