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Do you know what Fog Computing is?

Sabe o que é Fog Computing?

Storage methods evolve daily, with the goal of becoming more dynamic and efficient. After Cloud Computing comes the term Fog Computing, a differential factor to apply with the concept of Internet of Things. With this new technology, much has been researched on the methods of correctly performing the process and treatment of all the generated data. Fog Computing plays a very important role in this process and in today’s article we will explain everything about this new method of storage!

What is Fog Computing?

Imagine a smart city where there is a smart traffic camera that detects the pattern of lights from an ambulance and immediately sends that information to the traffic lights so they can be opened so the ambulance can pass. If this information has to be processed and sent to the Cloud and then sent to the semaphore, there is a waste of time that can be crucial. Fog Computing is about saving traffic and sending time to the cloud, making it possible to directly process the equipment, without the need to send information to the Cloud.

Fog Computing works in the same way as Cloud, but is closer to users and equipment, speeding up processes and reducing network traffic, especially in environments that don’t have high bandwidth. Fog Computing mainly facilitates the processing of the Internet data of Things. Fog Computing aims to increase the capacity of the computer and storage in the cloud across the network. Fog Computing is an intermediate layer between Cloud and hardware, which enables more efficient processing, analysis and storage of data.

Fog Computing and Internet of Things

According to the Business Insider, by 2021 almost 6 trillion dollars will be invested in the global marketplace in Internet of Things. This means that if these numbers happen, the current Cloud Computing systems will not be able to handle the full volume of data, and it is necessary to use add-ins. And that’s where Fog Computing comes in. In this new reality, it is necessary to establish processes that precede Cloud Computing, that manage and analyze the environment so that they store what is really necessary and important, so that there are quicker answers to certain questions.


Fog Computing offers a combination of increased computing power, increased storage capacity and services on the network and intends to address and resolve any limitations of Cloud Computing. Basically, the great goal of this term that is now emerging is to deal with the data that is created on a daily basis.

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