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Real-time marketing strategies for your business success

Estratégias de marketing em tempo real para o sucesso do seu negócio

Consumers are increasingly demanding and less patient: they want to find solutions and want to find them now! Nowadays, it is no longer enough to launch good content or a good marketing campaign: you have to be the first to have the idea that will solve the problems of consumers and offer something really different. The “now” is the trend of the moment and because of this rush to have solutions come up concepts such as real-time marketing. In today’s article, we are going to talk about real-time marketing strategies for the success of your business.


An event launching a product with real-time monitoring of consumers’ opinions on social media is a great way to find out how much people are receptive to the new offering. It is no longer enough to make a report after the event happens. It is necessary to accompany the second what consumers are thinking about the new product in order to fine-tune strategies.

Location-based advertising

Nowadays, many companies already advertise their services based on location. Through the GPS system, consumers receive information about restaurants, hairdressers and other services near the area where they are. In this way, it is much easier to get the attention of potential customers because they are in the vicinity of the service.

Analysis of consumption forecast

This strategy is widely used in e-commerce. Anyone who enters into online stores realizes that there is an intelligence behind that tells us related or complementary products regarding our searches. The goal of this real-time marketing strategy is to conduct cross selling and increase the average value of the purchase. Process automation, integration with databases and analysis of these data are essential tools for implementing this strategy.

Real-time data analysis

Launching campaigns and promotions is important to promote products and brands, but if there is no real follow-up in real time it is not possible to take the insights needed to make decisions. BAM tools like Multipeers are imperative in today’s business reality, as they allow you to analyze in real time what goes on in each of the business areas. Through a simple, informative dashboard, you can see if a product’s sales are increasing because of a specific campaign.

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