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The Importance of Process Control for New Business

A importância do controlo de processos para novos negócios

Starting a new business can seem like a complex challenge. With several variables, the analysis needs to be precise and well planned. Therefore, some factors are more relevant at this time, such as financial resources allocated, fiscal and accounting management, labor charges … All these aspects, when added together, converge to a tangle of details that need to be managed very well by the manager.

Therefore, a good entrepreneur needs to consider the importance of process control when building your business. The processes are sets of actions applied in a specific sector of the business, aiming to optimize the results and standardize the performance of the production flows. That is, processes create behavior patterns that must reflect the company culture and the most effective way that each involved element should accomplish its task.

Why do processes matter so much?

Process control directly affects business productivity. As business relationships are currently at increasingly high speeds, harmonizing processes within a company ensures the execution of the services in the shortest possible time and with greater efficiency at the end of the process. All this starting from a single point and obeying rigorous steps, which also facilitates when identifying problems in the corporate structure.

In addition, processes allow the reproduction of your content. In this way, it is much more practical for the company to structure future actions based on the way the procedures are performed frequently. Thus, processes increase predictability and control over all sectors of the enterprise, if managed fluently and skillfully.

New business and process creation

Business management of a new business is very demanding. As there are no processes yet defined, they must be created and put into practice, which generates a certain period of accommodation and adjustment. The first step to creating a process control is to map all the actions that your company performs, separated by sectors. Therefore, it is necessary to look at its organizational structure, the departments, the various professionals and the numerous forms of work.

With the planning directed to the result of the actions, the manager needs to create and guide all processes for maximum efficiency and fluidity. It is crucial that there are loose ends or redundant steps when structuring a work pace. The more straightforward and clear the process planning, the easier it is to implement and execute it routinely.

The role of business management software (ERP) in project control

As it was analyzed, the process routine is a very complex element and requires a lot of application of the manager when coordinating its execution. However, there are currently several solutions that facilitate this work. Business management software is one of the most relevant ways to manage an enterprise’s process chain.

One of the success stories in the business management software market is EMC Gestão Empresarial, an integrated system that efficiently and solidly manages processes and other areas of your business. One of the hallmarks of EMC Gestão Empresarial is its modular structure that encompasses all business sectors, facilitating the identification and control of the process routines of each area of ​​the company.

As an ERP needs to be centralized and versatile, EMC Enterprise Management is right in the interaction with all the data sources that nourish the analysis of your business. This affirms its efficiency in controlling the processes and ensuring the joint improvement of actions related to each sector.

If you are interested in starting your business or optimizing the processes of your already consolidated company, please contact IT Refresh, the official reseller of EMC Business Management software. Purchase one of the most modern and fluid integrated systems on the market and prove the value for money generated by EMC Systems solutions.

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