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ERP Cloud: get to know what it is and why you should have it in your company

ERP Cloud: saiba o que é e porque ter uma na sua empresa

Ever heard about ERP Cloud? No? This means that your company has not harnessed one of the most efficient tools when it comes to business management. Let us explain why you need to insert this software into your business. Organizing the administrative activities of a company seems complicated, especially for beginner entrepreneurs. But this impression need not be so. With the democratization of technological resources, small and medium-sized companies have at their disposal incredible tools to employ management to the business. Among these is the ERP Cloud. But what is it, and how does this technology work? Let’s see!

Learn more about ERP Cloud

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is software that integrates all the departments of a company, aiming at a better circulation of information, giving greater agility to the processes, favoring a considerable reduction of costs. So let’s think of a retailer that faces problems with inventory control and financial management, two key industries in this type of business. How does an ERP Cloud work in this situation? The first step in the implementation of this program will be the registration. Gather all product information, values ​​and customer data on the platform. From there the other features can be started. This store that we use as an example, will now be able to formalize an inventory of your inventory, and control the expenses and revenues of the financier.

The main advantages of Cloud ERP

The company that adopts the ERP Cloud will have the following benefits:

  • Consult anywhere – having a program that works online is undoubtedly a great advantage. Wherever you are, all you have to do is connect to the internet, and you can make all the inquiries and releases you need. No process hangs if the manager needs to take a trip, for example.
  • Reporting – having consolidated information in just one click is another very interesting tool for this type of software. Managers who need to understand what has been happening in a given period, you just need to apply the filters you want and download the report.
  • Electronic Invoice Issuance – With so many changes in the country’s tax legislation, hiring a system that is current with this and compatible with the Revenue or Treasury sites, is an effective solution. With the ERP Cloud you will be able to issue the different versions of the electronic invoice, and also choose the type of Digital Certificate that you want to work with.
  • Issue of Carnets – linking your sales to a banking system and issuing bank statements, is more than possible with this type of software. You can issue a registration card for purchase lots.
  • Sales control – tracking the budget until the conclusion of the sale, is also possible using the ERP Cloud.
  • Inventory control – updating inventory, and controlling the incoming and outgoing goods will no longer be a problem.
  • Financial control – accounts payable and accounts receivable are fully met in that program. There will no longer be any need for the “unique worksheets” that each employee creates to track invoice and other payments.
  • End of the paper – comes from the endless pile of papers that take the tables of your company. Besides having a high cost, it is synonymous with delays and rework. Ending paper circulation is a symbol of process optimization.

Information storage security

All of these advantages join the storage security of cloud information. Cloud is a way to save softwares and files in the virtual environment. All in a secure, and formable way, that is, as your business grows, the space to store information in the ERP Cloud increases. Of course, before you close with an online ERP software provider, you need to check out details like that. See also the question of support, and if it is possible to fit some characteristics of your business into the system interface. It is interesting to hire a system that can incorporate or exclude fill fields, for example. Regarding the Cloud environment, it is completely secure, uses the best in encryption systems, which will protect the information generated in its administrative routines. Is it clear why your company needs to have an ERP Cloud? We have seen how much this tool will potentiate your venture. Enough of so many obstacles within the management of your business. Install the software and prepare your company for new challenges.

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